Monday, September 1, 2008

Texas Hospital Turns in Job Applicant

An undocumented woman was hoping to be hired for work in the cafeteria at Trinity Medical Center outside Dallas. During the prescreening process it was discovered that her Social Security number was counterfeit, and so the hospital reported her to the local police for identity theft. She eventually accepted deportation. Actually employers are not obligated to report undocumented workers that might show up in hiring or even reviewing payroll. They are only obligated not to hire or keep them on. Whether Trinity was being nervous because of the recent raids by ICE or sympathetic to the anti-immigrant sentiments of the surrounding suburbs is yet to be determined. (See AP article.)

The LA Times report that more and more undocumented day-laborers are drifting from the shape-ups at Home Depot back home to Mexico or Guatemala -- especially in the construction industry. The State of California estimates that more 84,000 jobs were lost in construction last year. Anecdotal reports tell of only 10-15% of those shaping up each morning for day-jobs are being hired.

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