Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Many Stimulus Jobs to go to the Undocumented

Both pro- and anti-immigration groups estimate that many of the jobs to be created by the recently passed economic stimulus package with go to undocumented workers. The immigrant friendlies say it's logical, since much of the money is to go to "shovel-ready" construction projects. Before the downturn it was estimated that 15% of construction jobs went to undocumented workers. The fault in the eyes of the not-so-friendlies lies with the U.S. Senate. The stimulus package as it came out of the House of Representative carried a requirement that employers use the E-Verify system to check the legality of workers' documents. The Senate rejected the requirement and the House went along. Now the anti-immigration organizations are making a drum-roll to raise the issue, charging that "honest real American" workers are being shortchanged for the much needed jobs. (See Arizona Republic article.)

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