Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colleges Support Passage of the Dream Act

The College Board, which is made up of 5,000 institutions of higher learning, has come out for federal legislation similar to the Dream Act. Known more for its administration of the SAT college admission test, the Board urged a policy of affording undocumented college students in-state tuition, educational aid and legal status. (See Los Angeles Times article. See also the debate of pros and cons of the Dream Act in the New York Times' "Room for Debate" column.)

The AP reported on the case of an African under a deportation order. He had applied for asylum, married a U.S. citizen, and had a U.S.-born child. He had petitioned for a stay of deportation so that his case might be reviewed. Immigration court and appeals court had both denied his petition. The Supreme Court sent the case back to the appeals court for reconsideration.

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