Saturday, May 9, 2009

California Nativists Target the Children Born to the Undocumented

Nativist activists are now collecting signatures for an initiative to the June, 2010, ballot that would require all parents of the newly born in California to provide proof of citizenship or legal residency in order to receive the child's birth certificate. The undocumented parent could still receive a certificate, but it would indicate the child's "Birth to a Foreign Parent" -- which the Los Angeles Times depicts as "a scarlet letter". The information will then be passed on to the Department of Homeland Security. The initiative also will deny health services to the undocumented, even though these are mandated by federal law. The Times believes the real intent of the initiative, especially with raised anti-immigrant feeling because of economic hard times, is to deny citizenship to children born here to undocumented parents.

A virtual fence made up of towers, cameras and sensors is progressing in the busy crossing point just south of Tucson, AZ. The $6.7 billion project -- often delayed because of technical difficulties -- is now moving toward a completion date around 2014 and will cover all but 200 miles of the southern border, (See New York Times article.)

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