Friday, July 3, 2009

Obama's Alternative to Factory Raids -- A Letter

The Obama administration signaled in April that it would be shifting immigration enforcement from factory raids, which created much havoc for the immigrants' families, to auditing employers and penalizing them with fines and civil sanctions. ICE has begun sending out letters notifying companies of such audits. Immigration advocates welcomed the end to "the showboat enforcement raids", but anti-immigration activists hope the fines are more than a slap on the wrist. The auditing will target companies with large workforces, especially those that "serially" and knowingly employ those unauthorized to work here or that have taken advantage of the undocumented to cheat on wages and labor standards. While the shift is welcomed by immigration advocates, it still presents the undocumented worker with the prospects of job loss and deportation. The New York Times profiles the new policy in the case of Los Angeles' American Apparel which had been a sympathetic employers.

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Brittanicus said...

With yet another path to citizenship in this nations future, we had better take careful notice of the consequences? Without any doubt to process 13 to 20 million plus illegal immigrants is, according to Robert Rector of the reputable non-profit Heritage Foundation $2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. It’s an accumulation of procedures necessary to investigate backgrounds of all those who come out of the proverbial shadows. But if and when another of these AMNESTIES is forced past the American voters, millions more will be equally ready to head for America, expecting a ninth Amnesty. The major one in 1986 was rife with fraud, a absolute disaster and was never enforced, that’s why our country has uncontrolled illegal immigration?

If we command of the Democratic leadership who originally tried to kill E-Verify, such as Sen. Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, we have an ongoing chance of combating the illegal immigrants of stealing further into the workplace. With Obama admitting that unemployment is farther on the rise, why would they be entering discussions of forcing another Amnesty down our throats. E-Verify is rapidly catching on and accelerating in the workplace and should not be denied to the American worker. CALL YOUR SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE AND DEMAND It should be fully funded, permanent and an a Federal identity check for everyone in working America? NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB for more details. ICE has a phone number to call when suspicious activity is determined in the Factory, office, restaurant or any industry.