Sunday, August 23, 2009

Impatience Grows Among Immigration Advocates

Notwithstanding a surprise appearance of President Barack Obama and Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano at the White House with advocates of comprehensive immigration reform, many came away disheartened by hints that reform may take as long as two years. They were grateful by the president's reaffirmation of his commitment and also at the reduction in household raids. But many advocates, especially Hispanic, were upset by the stepped up workplace enforcement and Homeland Security's reluctance to issue new rules for detention centers and on quotas in its fugitive operations. Some even warned that further delay may lead to an electoral backlash in 2010. (See Los Angeles Times article.)

HBO will air a documentary -- Which Way Home -- following the journey of a 9 year-old Honduran boy illegally into the U.S. in search of his parents. In Chicago the program airs at 9 pm on Monday, August 24, and probably will be rebroadcasted a number of times during the week. Consult local TV guides or HBO station for the times. (See the Los Angeles Times article.)

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