Thursday, September 17, 2009

More on the Undocumented and Health Care Reform

Michael Hiltzik. a Los Angeles Times columnist, responded to the nay-sayers to health care reform who objected to the Census Bureau recent estimate of 46 million uninsured in the country. A 46 million figure gives urgency to reform, and so to defuse concern the nay-sayers explained away the numbers. Many of the uninsured are voluntary drop-outs of health insurance -- the young and wealth -- and many are too dump to know it's available -- the poor who qualitfy for Medicaid or Children Health Insurance System, but don't apply. Still others are only temporarily without health insurance. The undocumented, they say, don't deserve it. Hiltzik picks apart their specious arguments and misreading of the census figures to reveal the horror of 46 million uninsureed.

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