Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bush's Budget: $100 Million For Enforcement, Nothing For Citizenship

President George W. Bush offered his budget for fiscal year 2009. Budgets tells us more about Bush's priorities than what is going to get from congressional Democrats. It demonstrates where the White House will lean in the struggle to actually allot next year's spending.

The Associated Press reports that the administration will ask for $100 million for the E-Verify program that requires employers to check workers' documents with Homeland Security before hiring. He does not, however, ask any funding the relax the financial burden on immigrants seeking citizenship or a green card or family reunification. Since August those seeking citizenship had to pay fees of almost $600 and those seeking a green card over a $1000. To add insult to injury, they have to pay additionally for their own finger-printing and mug shot.

The dispute between landowners along the Rio Grande and Homeland Security over where to place "The Wall" seems to be coming to a compromise. (See LA Times article.)

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