Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Martes Sumpremo 2

The Washington Post inside-dope blog on the primaries, THE FIX, declared the Hispanic voter among the big winners on super Tuesday by delivering California, Arizona, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey to Hillary Clinton.

"Hispanics: As they did in Nevada's caucuses, Hispanics gave Clinton her margin of victory in several must-win states yesterday. In California, which was an emerging battleground between the two candidates, Clinton won Hispanics by 40 points -- a massive boost for the New York senator considering that Hispanics comprised roughly 30 of the Democratic in the Golden State. The results were similar in other states that Clinton had to have -- in New Jersey she won the Hispanic vote by 35 points, in Massachusetts by 20 points."

The significance isn't so much the choice of Clinton over Obama -- though perhaps the Democrats over the Republicans -- but what it means for the future. For Latinos this has been a watershed election. (The Washington Post also has an article on what Obama has to do to attract the Hispanic vote from Hillary.)

Washington Post

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