Friday, March 21, 2008

Another New York Sex Scandal -- At CSI

New York seems to be replete with sex scandals. First one governor forks up $4000 for a hooker, and then his successor admits to fooling around. In Queens, NY, the culprit is an adjudicator for Citizenship and Immigration Services. An adjudicator is suppose to help applicants for green cards or citizenship through the maze of CSI's bureaucracy -- with discretionary power to move an application along or to kill it. The NY Times reports that one adjudicator tried to extort sexual favors from a young Colombian women. Only she recorded the tryst and turn the evidence over to the Times. Now the adjudicator has been suspended and faces criminal charges.

The incident , according to the Times, is not exceptional. CSI was accused of having more than 3,000 complaints against its employees and has a record on not getting after them. More than 160 were criminal complaints. A former investigator for CSI testified that corruption was widespread in the agency and the very nature of the work and the power it gives to low-level employees is enormous. It's easy for them to prey on nervous immigrant applicants.

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