Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Steel Curtain On The Southern Border

A NY Times editorial describes the fence as "a steal curtain " from San Diego to Brownsville. If ever completed it will give a false security and no real resolution to our immigration problems. Besides the fence already is not working. The Times argues that, if ever completed, we'll sit behind our wall doing nothing, while the desperate workers will find ways to cut through it. They are doing so already in Arizona and it's not only the mischief of the migrants and their coyotes. The much touted "virtual fence" is developing glitches. Some because Homeland Security is rushing the job to please Congress. And there is also a stench of political favoritism around. The fence has been routed through nature reserves developed at public expense but skirts the golf courses of the affluent. The fence is a political fig leaf meant only to cover the reluctance to seek real longer term solution

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