Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nashville: Npt so Friendly to Immigrants

Nashville maybe a "y'all come down" city. But not for immigrants. The city and county have signed an agreement with ICE to enforce immigration laws. But the locals do so with a fervor and insouciance embarrassing even to ICE. The NY Times reports of an incident of a pregnant undocumented woman arrested for driving without a license -- a misdemeanour in Tennessee usually let off with a citation. She was hauled in, and when she went into labor was shackled to her hospital bed and guarded. The only concession was a release from her shackle at the time of delivery. In a royal snafu she was parted from new born the first few days while her misdemeanour was heard in court. Only after that was she united with her child. ICE's policy is not to separate a nursing mother from her child. Critics believe this case demonstrates the dangers of having local police enforce immigration law.

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