Thursday, July 31, 2008

Undocumented Migration Drops, But Why?

The Center for Immigration Studies, a research center that favors reducing legal migration as well as stemming illegal, has released a report that the number of undocumented immigrants has declined by 11.%. Researchers more favorable to comprehensive immigration reform do not deny a decline, but question the rate of decline -- and why. CIS insinuates that it is because of more vigorous enforcement at the border and at plants. More of the same should get even better results. Nativists on Capitol Hill have been waving the report around as vindication of the tougher strategy. Critics of the report admit tougher enforcement and the fear it has created in the immigrant community may play a part, but the major factor in the decline of undocumented migration has been the economy. Loss of work at construction sites has more to do with migrants' return to Mexico than plant raids. Also most of those leaving seem to be new arrivals that had yet to put down roots in the U.S. (See Washington Post article,)

The Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency has offered a kind of "amnesty" to those undocumented aliens known as "fugitive aliens". These have received a court order of deportation but have ignored it and remained in the country. Their number may be more that a half of million. Whether such fugitives will take up the offer is questioned by immigrant advocates. While there is some advantages, these are so few that most "fugitives" will not be enticed. As it is, ICE's round-ups of fugitives has not been especially effective and generates more headlines because of its violation of the rights of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants during its raids. (See Washington Post article.)

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