Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ICE Sued over Health Care

The bunk-mate of a Chinese detainee, who died in custody of ICE and whose case is being investigated by the House Judiciary Committee, is suing Home Land Security and the companies contracted by it to hold detainees for deportation. (See NY Times article.) Marino De Los Santos, a Dominican facing deportation for drug activities, was in the bunk below Hui Liu Ng till the pain from what turned out to be cancer became so excruciating for him to get in the upper bunk that they had to swap places. De Los Santos also suffered from back pains, and like Ng had his complaints dismissed as faking and like Ng was denied use of a wheel chair. (See posting for August 13, 2008.) Now De Los Santos is suing in federal court in Providence, RI.

The virtual fence being planned for the Mexican-Arizona border has been put on hold indefinitely because the Interior Department refuses to accept the environmental impact statement sent to it by Homeland Security. Permission has been asked to place much of the surveillance infrastructure (towers, sensors, et al) on government lands mangered by Interior. See Arizona Republic article.)

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