Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Arizona Proposes "No Trespass" Sign for Undocumented

Once before Arizona tried to combat undocumented immigration by hanging a "no trespass" sign for the undocumented immigrant. But then-Gov. Janel Napolitano vetoed it. The Arizona Senate resurrected the bill, which is now being considered by the state House. The new governor will sign a bill if it comes through. The new proposal would authorize police in the state to inquire about immigration status if they have any suspicion someone is undocumented. Immigration advocates protest this is an invitation to "profiling" all Latinos and to police harassment. In effect, the bill makes every undocumented immigrant in Arizona liable to prosecution for trespass -- "criminalizing" them according to immigration advocates. Whether the law will stand up to court scrutiny is doubtful. But while it wends its way through the courts, Latinos in Arizona will be subject to endless Sheriff Joe's "sweeps". (See Arizona Republic article.)

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