Monday, June 1, 2009

ID Cases against Undocumented Tax-payers Appealed

The prosecutor of Weld County, Colorado, had pursued undocumented immigrants in Greeley by checking through income-tax preparation papers for identity theft. At least seventy have been charged and about 1,400 could face the same fate. Two state judges rejected the prosecutor's argument because federal taxes are a matter for the fed. But he insists the evidence came from tax preparers, not IRS records. So he is appealing. (See Washington Post article.)

Monies sent back home by Mexican immigrants have dropped sharply in April compared to the same month a year ago -- by 18%. For the first months of 200o they have drop 8%. No mystery why this is. Mexicans, immigrants and non-immigrants, are hurting because of the recession. The rate of remittance is also used by experts, friendly and hostile, to estimate the level of undocumented migration into the U.S. (See Washington Post article.)

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