Saturday, June 27, 2009

NY Times Upbeat on Immigrtion Reform

The New York Times was upbeat on the recent meeting on immigration reform at the White House. The president expressed a firm desire for action this year and he brought Sen. John Mc Cain back to life on the issue. The paper even saw the caution on the guest worker program by McCain as itself an opportunity for real debate on comprehensive reform. The issue to be resolve now clearly is "future immigration flows". How are they to be managed? (See New York Times editorial.)

Recently, on the border in Arivaca, AZ, a group of maverick Minutemen -- Minutemen American Defense -- invaded a home looking, according to police, for drugs and money. They killed a man and his ten-year old daughter. They had devised a crazy scheme to protect the border by robbing drug dealers and using the money to watch the borders. (See New York Times article.)

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