Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ICE Recommends AZ Prison Program

The Arizona prison system releases undocumented prisoners who are serving time on lesser charges such DUI or minor drug offense to ICE for deportation. Prisoners with more serious offenses are made to serve their time and then are turned over to ICE. The Arizona Republic reports that ICE would like other states to adopt the same practice. Only New York has a similar practice. But even in Arizona, most local jails -- where most convicted serve these minor charges-- do not have a similar program -- save for Sheriff Joe Apraio's Maricopa County.

The murder of a black star athlete by a Latino gang-banger who also was undocumented has brought LA's policy of police not asking about immigration status -- so call Order 40 -- up for debate. Many black community leaders saw the murder of Jamiel Shaw II as indicative of black-Latino tensions. Blacks want Order 40 modified to allow police to make an exception for gang related crimes. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a black write, supports opening of a debate in an LA Times. column.

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