Monday, April 14, 2008

Showdown in Phoenix

The Associated Press reports that Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon has written to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to check whether Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has engaged in "racial profiling" with his "saturation patrols". On such occasions sheriff deputies and his deputized vigilantes descend on an Hispanic neighborhood and aggressively enforce minor laws such as tariff violations. In he process they check on the individual's status. Phoenix city police usually do not check. So the showdown between mayor and sheriff. The sheriff's policy has created a strong reaction from immigrant advocates and church groups, even referring to the saturation patrols as "police state tactics."

The Arizona Republic reported that Hispanic evangelistas on a retreat in a state park near Prescott were rounded up by Yavapai County sheriff deputies for being too noisy at night. Some were found to be undocumented and were deported. The evangelista pastor are now raising a cry that ICE is interfering with freedom to worship.

Associated Press also reports that 1.5 miles of the showcase fence near Columbus, N.M., turns out to be no great restraint to determined fence-jumpers.

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