Sunday, April 27, 2008

Immigrants: Want To Get Into The Country? Sing Or Have A wicked Curve Ball!

Congress has miserably failed to do serious reform of our immigration laws over the last years. As a consequence it has create much suffering for the undocumented worker who is welcomed here for his cheap labor, but not as a neighbor. Families trying to bring sons or daughters, brother or sisters, elderly parents in legally have a long wait. Young college aspirants who came illegally with their parents as young children and have been educated in our public schools saw their Dream Act shot down.

Notwithstanding that inaction and failure, Congress has not been totally inactive on immigration. Hearing the cry of wealthy entrepreneurs and the cry for entertainment, it is moving along some bills to allow various classes of immigrants immigrants into the country -- to pick tomatoes as the request of farmers, to entertain us at the Metropolitan or Grand Ol' Opery, to work in Silicon Valley for Google and Microsoft, to model the latest New York fashions, to sink baskets in the NBA or pitch curves at the local ball park. Congressional committees are sending up bills to make allowances for such high skilled and talented applicants for entry. Only they don't tell their constituents. (See LA Times article.)

Hardly At All!

The Legal Arizona Workers Act of last year was ballyhooed as the answer to a nativist's prayer and a model for other states in the light of congressional inaction. The law went in to effect March 1st after surviving a federal court challenge. But so far is has netted just about nothing -- save for Maricopa County (Phoenix) where law'n'order Sheriff Joe Arpaio who doesn't pussyfoot to illegals. He's nabbed a grand total of eight employers. The nativists believe the bill worker by scaring away all the illegals or intimidating the law-breaking employers. Perhaps. (See Arizona Republic article.)

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