Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vatican Support For Undocumented Decried

Nativist organizations are up in arms about a donation of $20,000 by the Vatican's Pontifical Commission on Latin America to a shelter in Ixtepec, Mexico, that feeds and provides lodging to Central Americans on their way north. The Minutemen even denounce it as "sinful". This comes as the pope is being greeted at the White House. Benedict had already forewarned, on the plane as he flew over, that he will be taking up the issue of immigration and barriers with the president. (See Arizona Republic article.)

After a brutal murder of some college students in Newark, NJ attorney general authorized state police to inquire about immigration status of those arrested for serious crimes. The killer in Newark was undocumented and out of jail on bail. If his status were known, he never would have been in the streets. Now lawyers and immigration activists are reporting that some police departments, especially in small towns and rural areas, are profiling Hispanics -- asking victims and witnesses as well as perpetrators about status. There are reports that passages are also being asked when a car is stopped for minor traffic violations. The NY Times editorially asks the NJ attorney general to restrain the rogue police departments.

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